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In today's competitive and increasingly regulated environments, organizations need every advantage available to protect themselves, attract new customers, and keep existing ones. In order to contribute to these efforts, Stephen Campbell Associates has been providing the most up-to-date and sophisticated call recording and advanced speech analytic solutions available on the market today for over 25 years

Compliance regulations heating up

Whether your contact center is large or small, compliance has to be one of your most important priorities.  We live in litigious times and the contact center as the "entree" point to the enterprise – represents a highly visible target. With the proliferation of web sites and blogs, consumers are more informed about their rights than ever before.

Today's organizations no longer can entertain the idea of a comprehensive monitoring strategy, they need to execute one. With all the pertinent federal and state laws and regulations that impact the contact center, no more than ever you need consider:

  • Sensitivity to consumer privacy
  • Avoidance of fraudulent and deceptive practices
  • Training and preparation
  • Sound practices to monitor and evaluate compliance
  • Investments in the right technologies

 Technology plays an important role in compliance. We recommend that contact centers record and archive all voice and data interactions. Sensitive verbal and data recordings should be accessible only to authorized personnel. Your recording application should be able to quickly identify and retrieve potentially problematic interactions. Advanced speech and screen analytic tools are very valuable for this purpose, as you may not always know exactly what you are looking for.

Based on inquiries to the FTC and the volume of court cases, identity theft is the number one consumer fraud concern in the country. Virtually every enterprise of any size accepts credit or debit cards at some level. The payment card industry compliance solution provided by Stephen Campbell Associates provides the security and flexibility businesses need to help assure that sensitive card information does not leak out through the contact center.


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Whether your call recorder needs call for a simple single location unit or a full blown network based system for a distributed environment, Stephen Campbell Associates can satisfy your requirements. Our professional services and industry experience include the implementation of liability monitoring, quality assurance solutions, and advanced speech analytics that will enhance your existing call center strategy to give you that speedy ROI you've been searching for.

The Federal Trade Commission received 35,000 consumer complaints and inquiries in 2016. Only a tiny fraction of aggrieved consumers will actually communicate with the FTC, the Better Business Bureau, or contact the companies directly. Most will simply stop doing business with you, tell others about their unhappy experiences or worse yet – call an attorney. Noncompliance with consumer protection laws can be costly. The FTC levied out $240 million in remedies between March 2015 and February 2016.