Compliance and Risk

Organizations are facing growing compliance and risk challenges. The regulatory environment is constantly evolving, internal policies are tightened, and fraud is becoming increasingly more sophisticated. Interaction Insight's Compliance and Risk solutions enable organizations to minimize the exposure to risks that are inherent to customer interactions, across traditional and new communication channels. The solutions deliver the most comprehensive capabilities for capturing and retaining customer interactions across all channels, provide real-time fraud prevention at contact centers, and ensure compliance with regulations such as the PCI-DSS standard and Dodd-Frank Act. 

Speech Analytics Essentials

 Call recordings, including mobile call recording can be used as evidence when disputes arise, and can ensure that agents and traders follow procedures. And, when used in combination with interaction analytics and call center quality monitoring tools, call recording can provide insight into service levels, processes and customer attitudes. interaction Insight’s compliance call recording do all this and more.

Mining customer conversations, analytics identifies customer needs, analyzes calls, tracks behaviors, correlates causes and reports results. The resulting business intelligence can be leveraged across all aspects of an enterprise.

When enterprises use speech analytics they transition contact centers into profit centers, connect the front office to the back office, link strategy to operations and their organization to customers’ needs and preferences. analytics automatically unlocks valuable business data stored in all recorded calls, by converting calls’ content to reportable data.

Today’s Business Challenges and Necessities

It’s the new business charge, and you’re hearing it everywhere, including from your direct reports: DO MORE ON LESS. GET MORE BANG FOR THE BUCK. WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER. These words are no longer clichés. Speech analytics is not a magic elixir, but it comes pretty close.

In addition to powerful and actionable business intelligence, speech analytics helps to: Reduce Costs. Increase Productivity. Improve Customer Satisfaction. Predict Behaviors. Maximize Collections. Optimize Sales & Marketing.

Contact Centers and PCI Compliance recording
The payment card industry developed the PCI DSS requirements to help ensure the safe handling of sensitive information and protect customers against identity theft. Both data storage and transmission of cardholder information that are not secure constitute a security breach. The risk can come from various sources, whether from an employee that may try to gain unauthorized access to customer data or from an outside hacker. The standard constitutes a set of comprehensive requirements for enhancing payment data security, including security management, policies, procedures, network architecture, software design and other critical protective measures

What is Speech Analytics?

Speech analytics is the science of understanding customer conversations. To achieve this effectively, Eureka products and solutions recognize 100% of the call content – language and acoustics – providing comprehensive call search, automated call categorization, and discovery of hot topics, trends and issues:

  • Categorization- Automatically determine call disposition, identifying the reasons for the call, products or competitors mentioned, participant behaviors, procedural compliance and outcomes of every call.
  • Search - Conduct simple or complex word and phrase searches, identify calls and returns a text and audio snippet exactly where the search terms are found.
  • Discovery- Uncover trends and events,  without a predisposed notion of what to look for, based on call scoring and automated topic identification. of every call.

Stay Protected, Stay Compliant

Meeting Payment Card Industry Security Requirements
Protecting customer privacy is a major concern for organizations. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requires contact centers to secure credit cardholder information and protect against fraud. To ensure contact center PCI DSS compliance, Our solutions provide advanced privacy control, access control tools, multi-tiered security design and end-to-end multimedia encryption capabilities.