Financial Services

Internal Threats

An asset as a threat​
Employees represent one of your organization's greatest assets, but financial loss and reputational damage from negative employee activity represents an even greater threat. The challenge is to identify employee collusion, fraud, and non-compliant behaviors and then build appropriate investigation cases against employees while ensuring effective asset protection for the bank and your customers.

Comprehensive capabilities to effectively monitor employee activity​

Our Employee Fraud solution detects fraudulent employee activity across the enterprise, business lines, and channels, providing protection from monetary losses, risk, and brand damage. Detect fraudulent employee activity and violation of corporate policy with:

  • Advanced profile and behavioral-based analytics
  • Highly effective collusion and relationship discovery
  • Dynamic performance dashboards
  • Comprehensive investigation management tools
  • Easy-to-use rule authoring​

Fraud Detection Analytics Optimization with ActimizeWatch

Fraud changes fast – your analytics must keep up
When new fraud threats hit the market, Financial Institutions must rapidly adjust detection analytics to prepare for changing patterns.

But that’s not always so simple. Analytics optimization as we know it today requires a complicated maze of preparing data and allocating IT resources. It also requires human intervention where machines could bring the ease of automation.

And there’s an even more daunting problem – when one FI optimizes analytics to defend against threats, fraudsters simply target the next institution in a never-ending cycle of attacks.

It’s time for all of that to change.


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